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Your Personal Color Assistant

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My exploration of color began with my mother’s enormous selection of cosmetics. It was fascinating to have endless colors to choose from. I would experiment with blue eyeshadow one day and then green the next. And this was at 11 years old! I was hooked and that fascination would carry me through a career as a professional makeup artist working in television with news anchors and as a promotional representative for in-person and TV appearances, working for companies such as, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, and Lancôme. During this time, I could perceive those certain colors looked better than others on my subjects but didn’t understand why this was so. Enter the 80’s, when Color Me Beautiful popularized the concept of personal color analysis. So, I dove right in and got my colors “done”. I was really surprised at the result because I would have guessed something totally different! Armed with this new knowledge, I set out to learn everything I could about personal color analysis and began to apply what I learned to my clients when doing their makeup. It was so exciting to help them create a look that made them glow and not look made up. I was discovering, however, that many of my clients did not necessary fit neatly into the traditional four-season analysis approach. So, I set out to find out why and discovered the Sci\ART™ personal color analysis system. Developed in 2000 by the late Kathryn Kalisz, Sci\ART™ is a state-of-the-art color analysis method designed to accurately identify a person’s natural color tone, positioned within a three-dimensional color space. Her book, “Understanding Your Color,” brought me to the realization of what was missing, and I know that I wanted to train with her. Unfortunately, Kathryn’s untimely passing meant that I was not able to study with the master colorist herself. However, by happenstance, I found the very first person that she certified as an instructor and was thrilled to get trained and certified. I can show you how to enhance your image by providing a through, individualized color analysis to determine the color, tone, palette that compliments your unique coloring, so

you will look and feel great every day.

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Tracy Kay

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